Vet Cellect introduces ExCellR8

Acellular Topical Cream for Equine Athletes

We’re excited to introduce ExCellR8™ Equine Topical Cream, as a non-invasive and all natural way to help support leg and joint function.

Injuries Happen

Our horses work hard. As we know, over time, their athletic endeavors create inflammation of the joints, ligaments, and tendons, which may lead to injury. This is a hard fact in the life of an equine athlete, and many times, it can’t be avoided.

Once a horse has succumbed to injury, it’s our job as their caretakers to provide the best treatment, as quickly as possible.


ExCellR8™ The Help Your Horse Needs

Until now, we’ve had to rely on antiquated or synthetic solutions, which are not ideal for the long term health of our horses.

Because of the inherent all-natural properties of this product, ExCellR8™ may promotes natural equine health, moving your horses away from the solutions we’ve relied on in the past.

Accelerate the Process

The all-natural basics of stem cells and stem cell extract derivatives act as a natural method to promote and maintain soundness in competitive and horses of all disciplines. These qualities make ExCellR8™ revolutionary and your obvious choice.

You can count on Vet Cellect to deliver superior equine health products and services, directly to you and your horses. Choose ExcellR8 and see the difference for yourself.

ExCellR8 is the only product of its kind in the world and the first product ever to topically deliver acellular equine stem cell extract derivatives to equine athletes.