Real Results From Real Clients

Richard "Nifty" Norman

World Champion Trainer of “Bee a Magician”

Dr. Jim Mitchell DVM
Dr. Jim Mitchell DVM

Dr. Jim Mitchell’s experience with ExCellR8

Jimmy Takter
Jimmy Takter

World Class Trainer of Always B Miki

Brian Lynch
Brian Lynch

World Champion Thoroughbred Trainer

ExCellR8™ Delivers Superior Benefits to Equine Athletes

Vet Cellect is committed to optimal equine health. Our team includes champion trainers, owners, and veterinary professionals from the equine performance industry, partnered with the most innovative stem cell pioneers and researchers in the world.

We know Horses

Unlike other equine stem cell companies, we bring decades of experience as members of the competitive equine community. We truly understand the needs, concerns, and costs of fellow members of our community.

It’s About the Science

Vet Cellect LLC produces and delivers a clinical grade, over-the-counter topical cream for horses that is derived from the processing and cryo-preservation of equine stem cells. Through the transformative and regenerative abilities of equine veterinary stem cell biotechnology, Vet Cellect’s first-in-class proprietary product ExCellR8™ delivers superior therapeutic benefits to equine athletes.

The All-natural Stem Cell Solution

ExCellR8™ is the only product of its kind in the world and the first product in history to topically deliver a cellular stem cell derivatives to equine athletes.

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